Properties Managed

Mountain Country focuses solely on its core business of Long Term Rental Management in Whistler, BC. Property types managed are:

Market Rentals (Annual / Seasonal)

Market rentals typically rent for 12 month terms. Seasonal properties rent through the winter or summer for 6 month terms. A full range of properties are managed including condominiums, townhouses, single family homes and executive homes.

Whistler Housing Authority (Employee Restricted Housing)

The Whistler Housing Authority provides affordable living for employees of Whistler. This includes 7 locations of multi-unit rentals. Mountain Country oversees the operations, finances and administration of these properties.

Privately Owned Apartment Buildings

Full service managers for privately owned residential and mixed use apartment complexes.

Other properties include small portfolios of staff housing complexes for Whistler businesses.

LONG TERM RENTAL Managers for Whistler British Columbia, Canada. Specializing in 12 month and Seasonal Tenancies.

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